Bring your creations to life, brick by brick
Build together with friends in BricksVR, a multiplayer VR building sandbox. No more searching the bottom of the bucket for the right brick, with BricksVR every piece is always in stock.

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Build with friends
Invite friends to a shared world and build creations together. Shared worlds include voice chat, physics, and the ability to save progress.
Every part's in stock
You're not limited by what's in the box in BricksVR. Place thousands of bricks on mobile VR with no lag, and choose from over 16 million brick colors.
Explore your builds
Wander around your builds from the perspective of a miniature person, or stomp around and chase others as a giant!
Share your creations
Open your world to the public to show off your creations. You can also lock your world so visitors can't make changes.
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